Urban Hippie

The fashion-short movie depicts a young girl's journey to the realms of her deepest imagination. In the first act we experience her feelings of loneliness. She is longing for love, light, the unknown, a world yet to be discovered behind the web that entangles the tender bird of her existence - her desire for freedom is symbolized by the delicate beauty of wings and feathers.
When she receives a letter, her day-dreaming is ignited by the anticipation of his love in the form of elements and motions representing thoughts, images of freedom, flying, love, colors, energy, strength - intensifying and finally exploding. This image slowly fades back to a dull surreal scene where she finally awakes.
2013 - Best Experimental Film, Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood
2013 - Best Experimental Film, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival
2013 - Best Visual Effects, La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
2013 - Merit Award Experimental, The Indie Fest
2013 - Best Experimental Film, Los Angeles Film and Script Festival
2013 - Best Experimental Film, Big Apple Film Festival New York
2013 - Best Fashion and Design: Web Program or Video, The Taste Awards
2013 - Nominated for Best Editing, Berlin Fashion Film Festival
2013 - Nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Visual Effects, La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
2013 - Nominated for Best Film Of The Month, Indiedemand
2013 - Nominated for Best Fashion Film, Bornshorts
2014 - Nominated for Best Picture, best Actress, best Director, best Cinematography, best visualFX, best Art Direction, Mercedes-Benz bokeh south africa international fashion film festival
2014 - Nominated for Young Directors Award, category video art, CANNES
2013 - Selected, San Diego Film Festival
2013 - Selected, UK Film Festival
2013 - Selected, Ciclope Festival Berlin, Steffen Gentis
2013 - Selected, GoSee Berlin Reel Hour
2014 - Selected, New Media Film Festival, Los Angeles
2014 - Selected, Porsche Award, Ludwigsburg
2014 - Selected, New Filmmakers 2015 Screening, New York
2015 - Selected, Venice Art & Performance Film Festival
Music: Sigur Rós - Varúð
Director: Damien Krisl
Model: Anja Leuenberger @ FOTOGEN
Director of Photography: Daniel Kunz
AD & Styling: Lea Küng
Motion Designer & Compositer: Florian Baumann
producer: Damien Krisl & Joel Cartier
Cineflex Operator: Martin Bäbler
Weisscam Operator: Christian Witschi
Drone Operator: Raimond Stüssi (Pilot)
Drone: Caspar Brog
Steadycam Operator: Sebastian Geret
Unit Manager: Klemens Trenkle
Grip: Oliver Muff
Light: Fabio Gloor & Torvioll Jashari
AC: André Guadagno
2nd AC: Michael Mühlemann
Pyrotechnician: Simon Andy Voegelin
Pyrotechnician Assistent: Maurice Steinmann
Makeup & Hair: Christian Merz
Editor: Damien Krisl
Colorist: Thibaut Petillon
2nd Editor: Kim Culetto
Set Design Assistent: Sarah Schneider
Light by: BRONCOLOR (bron.ch)
Producers: Eclumes Studios in collaboration with LaPac, Cheese & Chocolate Film SA, Kamerawerk, Swisshelicam.com, BSV Productions, Fotogen, Creative Docks.


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